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Consulting Deep Support Inspiration

I know that dietary and lifestyle changes can be difficult to navigate, giving rise to many questions, mistakes, discouragement, or feelings of isolation.

I can guide you.

I offer consulting options for various depths of support, and we can choose the best approach for your unique health concerns. I’m available by phone, video, or messaging throughout the world.

Basic 1-hour Consultation

This option provides general conversation on any common health and nutrition topics you may want to discuss, such as: basic nutrition and wellness, Q&A, education, healthy eating advice, shopping tours, recipes, meal planning, cooking/kitchen skills, dining out, travel tips, everyday lifestyle suggestions, healthy stress response, basic wellness supplementation, or just test out my services. Contact me to inquire.

Individualized 1:1 Wellness Program

This package provides three in-depth, individualized, structured sessions together. I will guide you through this multi-week process, and we'll work very closely together to holistically dive into each body system and your whole life picture. We'll discover and work on imbalances that may explain the roots of your health issues. I'll offer deep support and inspiration as we work on your unique needs and progress through your health journey at your own pace. This is a partnership and a process, with you as an active participant in your healthcare. Clients ready for changes can experience amazing improvements.

Program consists of five components, including three sessions together:

- Pre-consultation analysis

- Initial Intake Session

- Strategic Roadmap

- Two Follow Up Sessions

- Refinement.

Bundled Time

This option provides flexible, unscheduled, unstructured access if you want continuous, day-to-day support. For example, in the first weeks or months of your journey, you may find that many unanticipated questions and details arise, you may want help navigating every step of the way, or you may need frequent protocol adaptations based on your individual progress. With this option, we can be in contact daily or you can message me anytime and I'll respond promptly (during waking hours). This option may be added to any service at any time. Contact me to inquire.

Scope of Practice, Standard of Care, and Code of Ethics may be viewed here.