Colo Kitchen



Some of my favorite recipes I hope you will enjoy (stay tuned, more to come!)

Chicken Fajita Salad - Organic, free-range chicken breast is marinated to infuse moisture, flavor and tenderness, then grilled, layered with caramelized, organic bell peppers and onions for sweetness, and topped with fresh organic tomatoes, Manchego and Cheddar cheese, and jalapenos. All served on a bed of crunchy lettuce. Of course, I love to double this recipe and enjoy the leftovers all week!

French Grated Carrot Salad with Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette - This is delicious –I can’t stop eating it and the leftovers only get better. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in your body – so important for a strong immune system. Great side dish for a crowd. Adapted from Once Upon a Chef.

Puree of Carrot Soup - A slow saute brings out the natural sweetness of carrots and onions, which are then combined with apple, honey, fresh herbs and an optional homemade curry powder. Homemade chicken stock and homemade yogurt are then added, providing depth of flavor and a great mouthfeel.

Puree of Zucchini Soup - No artificial flavors or colorings here! Only the creamy, clean, mild flavor of fresh summer zucchinis, loaded with nutrients. Soups are the perfect way to get a quick serving of veggies…make a big batch and just reheat for lunch or whenever!

All recipes are compliant to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, unless otherwise noted. They are so delicious, nobody has to know how healthy they are!