Colo Kitchen


Individual Wellness Program

My Individualized 1:1 Wellness Program is a deeper relationship consisting of five components, with three in-depth sessions together. I will guide you through this multi-week process. We'll work very closely together to holistically dive into each body system as well as your whole life picture. We'll discover and work on imbalances that might explain the roots of your health issues. I'll offer deep support and inspiration as we work on your unique needs and progress through your health journey at your pace. This is a partnership and a process, with you as an active participant in your healthcare. Clients ready for changes can experience amazing improvements. Program includes:

1. Pre-consultation: Before our first session, you complete detailed questionnaires about your diet, lifestyle, and symptoms. I will analyze these in advance to start learning about you and identify imbalances, so I can hit the ground running and target our session to make the most of our time together.

2. Initial Intake Session: This is a 1½ hour comprehensive intake session. I will ask you many detailed personal questions and listen to you deeply to learn more about your full holistic picture. Together, we’ll explore your medical and personal history, symptoms, diet, home/work/social life, stress, strengths, motivators, goals, and more. I will provide some practical first-step suggestions that you can begin right away. Please plan to take notes and jot down questions.

3. Strategy: After the first session, I’ll take additional time reviewing and thinking about everything you’ve told me; I’ll evaluate it and put it all together to gain deeper insight into your underlying issues. As I consider your full holistic picture and your individual needs, priorities, and goals, I will develop an individualized strategic road map for moving forward.

4. Two Follow Up Sessions: We’ll schedule two additional 1-hour sessions. Here, I’ll share my observations and provide feedback and personalized recommendations for diet, activities, stress management, supplements, lab work, and I’ll answer your questions. We’ll discuss possible strategies and you’ll decide what next steps would be best for you. We’ll work on motivation and brainstorm ways to overcome any obstacles. I’ll guide and educate you, provide practical information, recipes, and tools to support you, and I’ll work to inspire you…all at your own pace.

5. Refinement: Everyone is unique and this journey is not a straight line. We’ll look at your progress, and I’ll review your case again after each session to adjust your plan as needed. Contact me to schedule.

*Additional Bundled Time (may be added at any point): Some clients want ongoing sessions or unscheduled, unstructured, extended discussion for deeper day-to-day support. With this option, you can message me anytime and I’ll respond as soon as I'm able to (during waking hours).